Fields of activity

The Calluna software is applicable in all fields of activity. It offers a solution to everyone who wishes to visually explore data, even if it is complex or there are large amounts of it.

The visualisation tool Calluna is the concrete result of many years of research. It includes some novel types of charts of whom it is the exclusive provider. Due to its numerous advanced interaction functionalities, it also allows for rapid and productive data exploration.

For instance, Calluna enables the visualisation of:

  • the planned and generated budget of an administrative agency
  • the breakdown of overtime hours in an organisation
  • the sales figures of a product by geographical area
  • the localisation and the turnover rate of products in an entrepot
  • the economic structure of a region
  • the results of an election
  • the distribution of students according to the type of education
  • the breakdown of companies according to their domain of activity and their revenue
  • the profile of residents in a retirement home

Finally, if the available charts in Calluna don't cover all your needs, our team disposes of all the expertise necessary to design and develop additional ones that are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.