Visualisation tool

Calluna is a software specifically dedicated to the visual exploration of data, even if it is complex or there are large amounts of it. It rests upon two key ideas:

  • a drawing often wins over a long discourse
  • we are almost always lacking the time to analyse and understand the data based on which we have to take a decision

Calluna hence presents a way to explore data by making preferential use of the impressive abilities of human vision. While studying a table with numbers might take several minutes, it often suffices to spend a few seconds to identify the important elements in the corresponding chart.

Calluna offers a whole package of interactive and configurable charts which enable the fast understanding of the critical aspects of a dataset. It is equally possible to select the data which responds to certain conditions by just using advanced graphical components.

Calluna should be considered as a tool allowing to extract knowledge from a dataset by using vision, i.e. the most efficient channel for information transmission to the human brain.

The first concepts and experimental prototypes from which Calluna originates, date back to the years 2005 – 2006. Since that time, the software has been subject to constant improvements and multiple extensions. We continue to maintain a significant level of investment into research & development to guarantee an evolution in line with the requests of our partners and with the latest scientific advancements.

If necessary, our team possesses all the required expertise to integrate Calluna into a complex IT environment or to add specific functionality requested by a partner.