Why Calluna?

Looking for a name for the visualisation software that we were about to devise, we drew our inspiration from the art of gardening. An art which exhibits great versatility and which has been present in all cultures since the dawn of time. Heather – calluna vulgaris in Latin – thus seemed like an obvious choice.

Effectively, heather is:

  • a carefree plant,
  • a plant which is aesthetic all year round,
  • a plant which is present in many countries,
  • a plant which thrives under difficult conditions,
  • and finally a plant which is constantly revived by creative enthusiasts…

Our mission is clear: offering a software comparable to heather in all of these respects… Hence, we have called it Calluna!

This is why you should plant or buy heather, even if you don't use the Calluna software. It will remind you of our software on the day on which you will be ready to adopt it.